Cretura + HUMAN Desloation in Sibiu

Cretura + HUMAN Desloation in Sibiu
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Data: 10/10/2016
Ora: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Locatia: ROCK Pub&more

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CreTura is a band from Bergen, Norway who gets their inspiration from horror movies, mythology and their own personal experience. You can say that they put some spice on the metal industry, and that they are somehow different from other groups. They have already maintained a big fan-base and got great reviews on their album, but their biggest dream is to perform on bigger arenas and outside of Norway. If they continue in this speed, there is no doubt that the world is ready for some more horror music from CreTura.

Human Desolation was formed in early 2008 in Stockholm by an experienced and unique quintet. The band name relates to the post-apocalyptic theme observed in the lyrics and artwork, as well as in the performing act. This concept together with powerful and dynamic vocals mixes perfectly with skilled melo-death mayhem created by the guitars and bass, all this is backed up by technical and fast drumming. The vision is to create aggressive and expressive music without compromises by putting big effort into the whole spectrum of the material. This is melodic death metal at it’s peak – prepare to get desolated!

Tickets: 15 lei
Call 0745 381 058 to make reservations.


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