Studio Mobil Groove ON | Turneul „Romania Underground”

Studio Mobil Groove ON | Turneul "Romania Underground"


10:00 PM - 11:30 PM


Bohemian Flow Art & Pub
Piata Mica Nr. 26, Sibiu

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Studioul Mobil Groove ON incepe turneul „Romania Underground” pentru promovarea si sustinerea reprezentanţilor culturii underground româneşti, un proiect amplu ce parcurge toata tara timp de 6 luni. Startul se da la Sibiu, iar studioul mobil Groove ON va transmite gig-uri si performance-uri ale artistilor locali din Bohemian Flow Art&Pub (Piata Mica, nr. 26) in perioada 27.02 – 01.03. Petrecerea de sambata seara (01.03) este deschisa de Jo.E si Tzuc de la Groove ON, alaturi de artisti locali. Mai multe detalii despre uimitoarea aventura pe 4 roti pe


In 1999 Jo.E began working for Radio Mix FM Bucharest as a producer. After some important collaborations with various radios and audio-video production studios Jo.E understood the „game”. He realized that what seemed to be a hobby came to life and everything related to the sound became his passion and work. In 2009 he started his own radio project “Groove On”, live audio/video streaming from the studio created in Bucharest. He dedicated all of his time to come up with ideas to present a different show for each day of the week and the results turned out to be amazing
As a DJ, after searching for the style that represents him the best, he finally focused on afrobeat, latin beat, world music, funk and down tempo, but he can always surprise the audience by approaching new genres.

With a high degree of passion for the world of sounds, Tzuc is not among those that approach only one musical genre, thus combining the forgotten rhythms of a past age with the fresh ones from across the world. Influenced by the African medium, he brings in his mixes sounds specific to the area, keeping at the same time the idea that music belongs to an unlimited domaine, a reason for which he has his ear attentive to the entire musical geography in search of new compositions. An advocate of „digging”, Tzuc looks into the most obscure places, bringing to the surface for listening a world of sound through which he wishes to promote the concept of „underground”.