Brainstorm 4

Brainstorm 4
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Data: 22/11/2013 - 23/11/2013
Ora: 10:00 PM - 5:00 AM
Locatia: Davinci Pub

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As colours are in our eyes and sounds in our ears, reality is nesting in our mind, but not without hiding multiple other realities…

Cover infos:
Original artwork painted by Madalina Stegaru


Trans Humantza (BV)

Trans Humantza is the alias of NairamNaoi, a name that was formed in 2001 in romanian electronic scene with electro and techno influences. Following years were spent as a resident dj in local lounges and clubs from Brasov and in these years the shape of sound and his expressiveness showed other valences for his musical ear. Transition from minimalist techno to the multitude of hypnotic arrangements of sounds was the key for the artist’s emancipation.
Its music form now is given by the malleability of styles like psychedelic, forest and night-psy. In the last years he played at international festivals (Funny Moon, ZenIt ), national festivals ( Transylvania Calling, Waha, Rebirth ) and many local parties with friends from Dreamtime, Samsara Crew, SpaceSheep, Thrancians, Mushrooms From Gaia, Collective Minds (no hard feelings to the organizers if I forgot names).
The future looks bright, Trans Humantza is promising us hot and fresh sounds, maybe from his own forest

DarCko (GL)

Nude Dude (BT)

Transcendcall (SB)

Hase (SB)

Lygos (SB)
Lygos is the solo DJ project of Sebastian Negomireanu, a Romanian electronic music artist. After listening to electronic music for several years, Lygos started organizing weekly underground raves in 1997.
Influenced by the German electronic music scene (Mayday, Love Parade), Lygos has hosted over 100 parties covering a mixture of techno, electro, trance and hardcore.In 1998 he has the first contact with goa and psy trance, listening to music from Astral Projection, MFG, Etnica, Hallucinogen and similar artists. This was such a big influence that around 1999 he switched completely his DJ sets to this new (and unknown in Romania) style.
During the following years, Lygos has been a guest and a host to numerous indoor and outdoor parties and festivals, and has told wonderful stories through his music.
Going through all the different styles, during the last years, Lygos has finally settled on a borderline night-time music style that takes you from the deep emotional south american fullon to twisted hallucinant twilight touched by dark sounds from the forest :).
Lygos has been a constant presence at the Transylvania Calling festival and has played also at other national and international events (Iarmaroc Festival, Rebirth Air Festival, Funny Moon Festival, Fan Fest Romania, Athmosphere Slovakia, Child of Flowers Slovakia and others) and was also hosted on radio shows like Alpha’s Crazy Sounds and CBU Radio.

Location : Da Vinci Pub, Sibiu, Romania

Entry fee: 10 lei

DarCko, DaVinci PUB, Hase, Lygos, Nude Dude, sibiu, Trans Humantza, Transcendcall